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What is CozyDock?

CozyDock is a new, exciting and fun dock made to fit most smartphones.
It's perfect for using your smartphone in bed, around the house, at the office, in the car or while travelling. It's all round smartphone comfort.
CozyDock can be used vertically or horizontally and on almost any surface.

Does it fit my Smartphone?

Because CozyDock is using a slightly elasticated material, it can be stretched to fit most smartphones, we recommend that CozyDock fits smartphones with screen sizes up to 4.3 inches.

Feel free to ask us about the fitting of your exact smartphone using the form below.

Where can I buy a CozyDock?

CozyDock is available now, in Vodafone, O2 and Three retail stores across Ireland.

For information about when CozyDock will be available in your country. Please send us a question using the form below.

What Colours are available?

Currently, CozyDock is available in either Pink or Grey, we are planning to introduce more exciting colours in 2013. If you have a colour that you'd really like to have, let us know using the form below.

Does CozyDock have a speaker inside?

The CozyDock is not a speaker but you will still get clear sound for your device. Also there are access slots at both ends to plug in your earphones/speakers and charger cables.

Does CozyDock fit the new iPhone 5?

CozyDock is suitable for the iPhone 5, the fabric is made to stretch and fit the iPhone 5 comfortably. Just pinch the sides of the top and bottom rims and stretch to fit!

Can I plug in my earphones and charge cable while using CozyDock?

Yes, with the specially designed access slots on both ends, you can charge and use earphones at the same time.

* Applies to all smartphones with earphone and charge points at the top and bottom of device only.

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